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A great workplace appreciation idea anyone can copy- Workplace culture

Written by Brad Aronson 628 Shares

Workplace culture

Seer Interactive has a display of thank you cards in their lobby. Any employee or visitor can take a card and a postage stamp. As founder Wil Reynolds said when he was giving my class a tour of his office, “We want everyone to be able to send a thank you note anytime. If your grandma did something for you, your parent or a client or co-worker – pick up a note and send that card.”

Putting up a rack of cards, doesn’t create a workplace culture of kindness on its own, `but it’s a ...

How to Get People to Say “Yes”—The Power of Persuasion—Tips from Robert Cialdini

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My wife was shopping at H&M and noticed that before ringing up customers, the cashiers were asking them if they wanted to donate $1 to the Boys and Girls Club. Most people said “no.”

A minute later, after the cashiers rang up the order, they asked again, but slightly differently. The cashiers said something along the lines of “Would you like to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and donate the extra change to the Boys and Girls Club?” Many people who had said “no” now said “yes.”

What created the power of ...

Employee Retention – Love Them Before You Lose Them

Written by Brad Aronson 51 Shares

I’ve posted about loving the employees who leave you and about learning from departing employees. But I haven’t yet covered the more important topic of employee retention. Here’s one idea to help your employee retention . . . .

Many companies have a standard practice of having exit interviews with departing employees. Too many companies don’t have a standard practice of having stay interviews with the employees they want to retain.

A stay interview isn’t a 1:1 meeting or a check-in meeting. Its purpose isn’t to talk about current projects. These are meetings focused ...

Want to Achieve Your Goals Faster? Enlist Strangers. Here’s How . . .

Written by Brad Aronson 59 Shares

When my wife (then girlfriend) and I were recent college graduates, she got into law school. She should’ve been excited, but she wasn’t. She wanted to work in cooking. She was a great cook but had no professional or educational experience that would help her land a culinary job. Not to mention that cooking jobs paid very little. Like a responsible adult, she planned to go to law school because that’s what she thought she was supposed to do. Like an irresponsible adult, I convinced her to pursue her passion instead. (I’m sure my future ...

One Easy Way to Dramatically Improve Your Brainstorming

Written by Brad Aronson 18 Shares

I’ve been in too many brainstorming meetings that don’t generate original ideas. There could be many reasons why. Perhaps it’s the people attending, the company culture, the environment, how the meeting starts, the facilitator or a combination of factors. I can’t cover all of these in a single blog post. Instead, I’ll focus on a way to kickoff your next brainstorming meeting that could help you generate more creative ideas.

But, before I get to that, please take no more than 30 seconds to answer this question: You’re at a construction site and you have ...

9 Ways to be More Successful by Asking Questions Differently

Written by Brad Aronson 42 Shares

A relative: Are you going to work on computers like your daddy?
Jack (our two year old): No

Me: What are you going to do when you get older?
Jack: Drink beer, drink coffee and touch the ceiling.

What can I say? He’s an ambitious kid with high aspirations and great role models. But that’s not the point of this post…

As demonstrated by our 2 year old, the questions you ask and how you ask them play a big role in the information you learn. I’m going to provide some suggestions ...

How a Frosty Strengthened My Marriage

Written by Brad Aronson 75 Shares

My grandfather went out to lunch once a week with his friends. They used to eat at Subway . . . until the sandwich prices went up. Then they started a regular tradition of eating at Wendy’s. Popop was so excited about Wendy’s that he regularly explained why it was the best deal around. As he told us, “You can get an entire lunch for 99 cents. I buy the 99 cent chili and get a cup of water, which is free, to go with it.” His friends would do the same, and then they’d ...

Social Media For Nonprofits–30 High-Impact, Low Cost Opportunities

Written by Brad Aronson 199 Shares

Nonprofits have critically important missions that certainly don’t match their small operating budgets. That’s why they need to constantly innovate and make the most of the least. With that in mind, I wrote this article about social media for nonprofits. Here are 30 high-impact, low-cost social media opportunities for nonprofits (adapted from a talk I gave at Tech Impact‘s conference, Social Media for Nonprofits, and including some great insights from other speakers).

1)    Appreciate corporate sponsors. This is probably the easiest tip and the biggest missed opportunity. An example is Comcast’s blog a few ...

A Mission Statement for Life

Written by Brad Aronson 28 Shares

While reading Inc. Magazine, I discovered Holstee’s manifesto. Holstee designs and sells “mindful” products. Their manifesto is an inspiring mission statement for their business and more importantly, for anyone’s life.

Click the image below to visit Holstee’s web site. By the way, code “newfriend” will get you 20% off. (I have no affiliation with Holstee. I just find their mission statement inspiring.)


Mission Statement For Life
Mission Statement For Life


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Are Your Customers Muppets Or Do You Just Call Them That?

Written by Brad Aronson 1 Shares

It was hard to miss Greg Smith’s recent resignation from Goldman Sachs. The bank’s former executive director published a scathing resignation essay in The New York Times accusing his company of being unethical, ripping off clients, and of all outrages, calling clients Muppets!

There are many lessons from this including how not to resign from your job, how to avoid burning bridges (or leaving them in a complete fireball as Smith did) and the fact that Muppets is a derogatory term (who knew?). What I want to cover is the importance of how we refer ...

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