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Inspirational stories, good news & a focus on the positive

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How to Get People to Say “Yes”—The Power of Persuasion—Tips from Robert Cialdini

Written by Brad Aronson 62 Shares

My wife was shopping at H&M and noticed that before ringing up customers, the cashiers were asking them if they wanted to donate $1 to the Boys and Girls Club. Most people said “no.”

A minute later, after the cashiers rang up the order, they asked again, but slightly differently. The cashiers said something along the lines of “Would you like to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and donate the extra change to the Boys and Girls Club?” Many people who had said “no” now said “yes.”

What created the power of ...

Employee Retention – Love Them Before You Lose Them

Written by Brad Aronson 51 Shares

I’ve posted about loving the employees who leave you and about learning from departing employees. But I haven’t yet covered the more important topic of employee retention. Here’s one idea to help your employee retention . . . .

Many companies have a standard practice of having exit interviews with departing employees. Too many companies don’t have a standard practice of having stay interviews with the employees they want to retain.

A stay interview isn’t a 1:1 meeting or a check-in meeting. Its purpose isn’t to talk about current projects. These are meetings focused ...

Learn From the Employees Who Leave You

Written by Brad Aronson 17 Shares

Do you get great ideas from the employees voluntarily leaving your organization or team? If you don’t, you should start.

After people give notice, they’re frequently labeled “checked out” and aren’t expected or asked to create value. This is a mistake. We found that departing employees often provided great feedback; they were open and direct about suggesting opportunities to improve.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical when I first heard this, but I quickly saw that we received very thoughtful and helpful feedback. One departing employee actually taught me more about running our creative department ...

Let’s Not be Friends – Why You Shouldn’t be Friends with Your Employees

Written by Brad Aronson 166 Shares
Should you be friends with your employees? I'm the type of guy who likes to be friends with everyone. As I grew my company, we got to a point where I realized being friends with employees was hurting our business and my life.Here are the issues: You’ll naturally become closer friends with some people, and others will think you play favorites. When you promote people you’re friends with how will the rest of the company view that promotion and how will that impact your team’s culture and the person who was promoted? Even if

9 Ways to be More Successful by Asking Questions Differently

Written by Brad Aronson 42 Shares

A relative: Are you going to work on computers like your daddy?
Jack (our two year old): No

Me: What are you going to do when you get older?
Jack: Drink beer, drink coffee and touch the ceiling.

What can I say? He’s an ambitious kid with high aspirations and great role models. But that’s not the point of this post…

As demonstrated by our 2 year old, the questions you ask and how you ask them play a big role in the information you learn. I’m going to provide some suggestions ...

Performance Measures: Use the Right Yardstick

Written by Brad Aronson 25 Shares

The CEO of a company I advise complained that his employees didn’t work as hard as he did. They didn’t work late enough or on the weekends, and they generally didn’t work enough hours.

With the exception of some companies, (like the ones that tell potential hires they’ll need to work a lot of billable hours), hours worked is usually one of the wrong performance measures for employees.

For starters, it makes employees waste a lot of energy demonstrating how much they work rather than focusing on what’s important; what they get done to drive ...

Love the Employees Who Leave You

Written by Brad Aronson 33 Shares

Too many managers take a departure so personally that it makes a future relationship with that employee difficult. There are even corporate cultures that include shunning employees who leave. Our employees will leave. They’ll leave for a promotion somewhere else, for more money, for a better manager and so on. Whether or not we agree with why they’re leaving, it was our responsibility to retain them and not their responsibility to stay.

We shouldn’t blame them for leaving. We should embrace them, wish them well and avoid talking behind their backs. We should participate in ...

Avoid this Dangerous Employee Retention Mistake

Written by Brad Aronson 2 Shares

“Let’s talk about our employee turnover numbers,” my boss requested.

We were reviewing our employee retention so I started going through the list of people who had left over the past few months.

“We’re happy that person left,” I said about one of our employees.

“Well I’m not,” my boss responded.

I stopped. I thought it was good that the person who quit was someone we didn’t want at the company.

My boss had another perspective. “How many other underperformers do we have on the team whom we’re simply hoping will quit?” he asked.

I ...

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