Free Signed Bookplate—The Perfect Personalized Holiday Gift

I’ve loved hearing from readers about those with whom you’ve shared HumanKind: Changing the World One Small Act At a Time. Copies have gone to friends, family members, employees and clients. So far, HumanKind has reached six continents – I still need to figure out how to break into Antarctica!

To make your gifts special, I’m offering a free bookplate with a personalized inscription. The bookplate is a sticker that can be affixed inside the book creating a personal gift – a signed and inscribed book! Just fill out the form below or email me, and I’ll send you a. Bookplate for every book you’ve purchased.

Thank you and happy holidays!


PS: You can order the book here and find bulk pricing here.

Thanks for spreading kindness
- Brad Aronson



Anne tell me that you live the message of my book.

Thanks for spreading kindness.
- Brad Aronson"

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