Letters to a Pre-Scientist

Letters to a Pre-Scientist
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This program pairs fifth through tenth graders from low-income U.S. communities with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) pen pals. Macon Lowman started this letter-writing program when she was teaching sixth-grade science in rural North Carolina and realized that her students could use inspiration from real world scientists. She teamed up with Anna Goldstein, a scientist who helped to foster a global network of STEM professionals to serve as pen pals. Through one-on-one matching, students have the opportunity to ask a real STEM professional questions about college and broaden their awareness of what scientists and technologists do. Teachers facilitate letter exchanges over the school year, and volunteer pen pals can be in science- or technology-related fields or in college. Volunteers register during the summer before the school year and are matched with kids interested in their particular fields.

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