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I’m a husband and a dad, and when I’m holding the parenting reins, I like to go all out. For me that means leading an egg drop competition from the third-floor window of our family’s home or heading up indoor games of baseball and hockey, and then having to explain why something else is now in pieces. Luckily, my wife, Mia, is understanding.

Outside family busy-ness, I tend to focus on my other business of entrepreneurship, tech startup investing and mentoring. My entrepreneurial ventures began in junior high, when I shoveled snow, sold iced tea at baseball games and delivered sodas to camp bunkmates who didn’t want to get caught running to the soda machine in the middle of the night. In college, my roommate and I started a student guide business and by graduation we were employing some of our fellow students and publishing guides for about a dozen colleges & universities.

After college I started i-FRONTIER, which grew from the apartment I shared with my best friend into one of the largest and top rated digital ad agencies in the US. We got to do fun work for the likes of Universal Studios, Time Warner, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson. I sold my company to aQuantive, and joined their management team, serving as an officer in the publicly traded company. Microsoft wound up buying aQuantive, and I’ll always love them for that.

Today, I invest in startup companies and spend much of my time supporting youth nonprofits.

I serve as Board President of mentoring program Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region. I’m also Board President of Hopeworks ‘N Camden, a program that provides tech training, jobs, housing, coaching and support to help amazing young people in one of America’s poorest cities succeed in life.

I teach entrepreneurship as a way to instill self-confidence, discipline and hustle in young people. I believe in hands-on learning, so everyone in class starts their own business, which has led to many adventures in entrepreneurship.

Of course, I also love to write. My blog is about people and organizations that inspire me. So is my book, HumanKind: Changing the World One Small Act At a Time.

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