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There are many places to donate clothes and some organizations will even pick-up clothing donations from your home. Clothing donation pick-up depends on where you live, but even if your area doesn’t have pick-up there are likely a few locations where you can drop off clothing donations. Below are nonprofits that accept all clothing as well as more specific places where you can donate job interview appropriate clothing, wedding dresses and sneakers.

Clothes Donation: Clothing donation pick up from your home:

The organizations below will pick up clothes from your home.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) will pick up your donations of clothing, household items, electronics and other items. They use all proceeds to support mentoring of children. Pickups are currently offered in NJ, DE, PA (Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Bucks County, Delaware County, Montgomery County). BBBS has partnered with a thrift store that gives BBBS money for each pound of usable clothes collected.
  • The Salvation Army also accepts clothes donations and will pick them up from your house (pickup is only in certain geographies). Donations to the Salvation Army are sold at their Family Stores, and the proceeds support their adult rehabilitation centers serving people struggling with drugs and alcohol. The Salvation Army is part of the universal Christian Church.
  • The Military Order of the Purple Heart will pick-up clothes. They operate in NJ, DE, PA, MD, CT, VA and NY. They’ve partnered with a thrift company that gives them money for donations collected. The Military Order of the Purple Heart uses funds to support veterans.
  • The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) will pick up clothing from your home. If you scroll down on this page,, you’ll see a zip code tool to see if they pick up in your area. VVA advocates for and supports veterans. They are paid by a thrift company for the clothes they help collet.

Clothes donation: This organization will pay shipping for you to send them your clothes

  • Pack up clothes, household items, games or other items you no longer need, and Give Back Box will provide a prepaid shipping label so you can have the items shipped to Goodwill at no charge. This can be done from any state in the US. (Goodwill is a nonprofit that provides job training and jobs.)

Clothing donation drop off:

  • New or gently used items can be donated to Goodwill retail stores. There are more than 2,650 Goodwill donation locations. Donations support jobs and job training.
  • The Salvation Army also accepts these items. If you’re not in a geography where Salvation Army offers pick-up, you might be close to one of their thousands of drop-off locations. Donations to the Salvation Army support their adult rehabilitation centers. The Salvation Army is part of the universal Christian Church.

Donate interview appropriate clothes and accessories for women

  • Donate interview appropriate clothes for women to Dress for Success for disadvantaged women entering the workforce. Dress for Success provides interview suits. Once a woman is employed the organization provides a week’s worth of clothes. There are US and International drop off locations.

Donate sneakers

  • Soles4souls accepts donations of gently used sneakers, boots or flats. The shoes are: 1) used to help kids in the US and Canada who need shoes. 2) Shipped to disaster areas where there is an immediate need for footware. 3) Used to help third world entrepreneurs start sustainable businesses to lift themselves out of poverty (Soles4souls supplies low cost inventory). You can go to their web site and find drop off locations. You can also go to Zappos for Good and print a shipping label to send up to 50 pounds of shoes to Zappos. Zappos covers the shipping.
  • One World Running provides running shoes to people in need in the US and around the world. Their drop off locations accept new and almost new shoes. Their drop off locations are in AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, NH, OR, TX, UT, VA, Ontario Canada.
  • If your sneakers are too worn out to donate, you can recycle them at any Nike store. Nike takes the worn out sneakers and recycles them into Nike Grind, a material used to create courts, tracks, fields and playgrounds.

Donate wedding dresses

  • Brides Across America accepts wedding gown donations for military brides in need. Gowns can’t be older than 4 years. You will fill out a form on their web site with information about your dress. If the dress can be used, they will contact you about how to package and ship them the dress. You pay for shipping.
  • Brides Against Breast Cancer collects and resells wedding dresses to raise money for Breast Cancer. Brides Against Cancer accepts dresses that are mailed to them. They are interested in excellent condition dresses. They are a for profit company that gives 50% of profits to charity. They don’t accept David’s Bridal or BHLDN brand dresses. You can fill out a form with your dress information and they will respond.

Interested in other local places for clothes donation?

  • Homeless Shelters usually accept (and need) clothing donations.
  • Thrift stores are another option (many thrift stores donate proceeds to charity).

With freecycle you can give your clothes away free and have someone pick it up (but it’s not a charitable donation):

  • List your items on the Freecycle web site for free. There are thousands of local groups with over 9 million members in 110 countries. You find your local group on the Freecycle web site and post the items you want to give away. When you search for your local group, don’t search by zip code. For the U.S., you have to type in city and state.

Tax benefit from donating clothes:

  • You can get a tax deduction when you donate clothes. You will need to request a receipt from the organization. This IRS publication explains guidelines for donating and valuing your donations of clothing and household goods. The Salvation Army also has a donation value guide, and Goodwill has a donation value guide. You can use any of these to value your donation for tax purposes.

Have more than clothes to donate? See a full list of where to donate most items you have in your house. From furniture to sporting goods to appliances to books to toys and more.

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