Comfort Cases

Comfort Cases
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When Rob Scheer entered the foster care system, he walked into a house full of strangers carrying all his belongings in a tattered trash bag. Thirty-two years
later, four foster children arrived on his own doorstep clutching garbage bags holding all their belongings. Rob couldn’t believe that after thirty years, foster kids were still carrying their lives in trash bags. To remedy the situation, he founded Comfort Cases. The nonprofit supplies foster youths in the U.S. and the U.K. with duffel bags and backpacks containing comfort and personal-care items. A $10 donation (£20 in the U.K.) to Comfort Cases pays for one of the duffel bags. Donors can fund backpacks and the items that are packed in them
through the nonprofit’s website. (By the way, those four kids are now Rob’s adopted kids.) You can check out Comfort Cases U.S. as well as Comfort Cases U.K.

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