A great workplace appreciation idea anyone can copy- Workplace culture

A great workplace appreciation idea anyone can copy- Workplace culture
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Seer Interactive has a display of thank you cards in their lobby. Any employee or visitor can take a card and a postage stamp. As founder Wil Reynolds said when he was giving my class a tour of his office, “We want everyone to be able to send a thank you note anytime. If your grandma did something for you, your parent or a client or co-worker – pick up a note and send that card.”

Putting up a rack of cards, doesn’t create a workplace culture of kindness on its own, `but it’s a great idea.

Speaking of thank yous…

Wil spent 1.5 hours giving my students advice. My students also got to interact with hiring managers and the company President. As one of the fastest growing companies in the country, time is tight at Seer.

Yet, before I could even thank Wil for his time, he thanked me for giving him a chance to give back.

Thank you, Wil!

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