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Kindness — Hidden Camera Ad Warms Heart

Written by Brad Aronson

I absolutely loved this video.

It is a hidden camera ad, where a kid without a jacket is cold at a bus stop in Norway. The majority of passersby at the bus stopped took the time to help.

The point of the ad from SOS Children’s Villages Norway is to raise awareness of the children suffering in Syria. They ask, “Will you lend a hand?”

You can see the translation in English by clicking the “CC”. Personally, I liked it better without the translation.

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Give’s money to your favorite nonprofit at no cost to you!

Written by Brad Aronson

Attention Amazon customers. Start 2014 off right. AmazonSmile will allow you donate Amazon’s money to your favorite nonprofit organization at no cost to you.

Here’s how it works:

1) You go to AmazonSmile and choose a nonprofit from their list of over 1 million nonprofits. Their list is US 501(c)(3) organizations that register with Amazon or are in Guidestar (Guidestar gathers and disseminates information about US nonprofits registered with the IRS). By the way, if you’re a nonprofit you can register here.

2) When you buy something at Amazon, you go through the smile …

Random Acts of Kindness for Kids – 17 Ideas for Raising Grateful and Kind Kids

Written by Brad Aronson

My 4-year-old son Jack loves to play superheroes.

One day we were playing, and he was dressed in his Spider Man outfit—a full body suit complete with muscles and mask. I was Batman wearing a cape and kid’s costume.

The dastardly situation I told Spider Man we were facing was that bad guys were trying to take our dinner…

Jack: “Don’t worry Daddy, I know what to do.”

[Jack ran to the kitchen, got a spatula and went in the corner.]

Me: “Jack, what are you doing?”

Jack: “I’m making pancakes for them. If they’re …

Funny Picture: This Note Made Me Smile

Written by Brad Aronson

This made me smile. I hope it makes you smile as well.


I discovered this in arts and prints sold by Caleb Troy.

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10 Incredible entrepreneurs serving veterans, how they got started & how you can help

Written by Brad Aronson

“Serving those who serve us is both an expression of thanks from a grateful nation and a fitting tribute to our military heroes who inspire us to a cause greater than ourselves,” said Carolyn Blashek.

I think Blashek, the founder of Operation Gratitude, accurately summed up the feeling of the founders and volunteers with each of the amazing nonprofits below.

Hire a Hero

Hire Patriots

It was 2004 when Mark and Tori Baird got a knock on their door from a Marine who returned from Iraq that day.

While he was serving, the Marine’s wife had been

Be Happy: 46 Proven Techniques to Increase Your Happiness and One Way to Get More Sex

Written by Brad Aronson

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to be happier. Almost everyone loves being happy (and sometimes we desperately need to be happier), so why not see if we can find more of a good thing.

After a lot of research and testing, here are 46 ways I found to be happier.

By the way, most of these ideas are supported by science.

If you still need a reason to read this article, point #29 will help you get more sex.

Make Your Own Fun and Other Lesson from Ronald McDonald Camp for Kids with Cancer

Written by Brad Aronson

The room was filled with flashing lights that created a disco ball effect, music and happy kids. This had the vibe of a roller skating party from my youth. It was in fact the Wednesday night “dance for your meds” party at the Ronald McDonald Camp Wellness Center.

Taking medicine typically isn’t fun – especially if you’re a kid and your medicine doesn’t taste very good — but the Wednesday night “dance for your meds” party was fun.


Because the medical staff asked, “Why not?”

Ronald McDonald Camp is for kids with cancer and …

Inspirational Kids Changing the World One Service Project at a Time

Written by Brad Aronson

Ian Brennan wasn’t satisfied.

Even after delivering over 2,500 pounds of food to his local food bank, and helping them setup their computer database, he wanted to do more. That’s why he and some friends created an annual food drive for the center.

Ian’s efforts have helped feed thousands of families.

By the way, Ian did this when he was only 16.

Service is so important to Ian that he and his friend Ibrahim Souadda (16 at the time) came up with the idea of setting up community service clubs in their high schools. Even …

Everything Counts–Third Grade Teacher’s Small Act Still Inspires Baseball Legend Jim Abbott

Written by Brad Aronson

Jim Abbott won an Olympic gold medal, played professional baseball, pitched a no-hitter, wrote a bestselling memoir and has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people through his inspirational talks.

With all of that success, Jim still enthusiastically recounts how one of his greatest inspirations was one of his earliest — Don Clarkson, his third grade teacher.

Jim Abbott was born with only one hand. Like most young kids, when Jim was in elementary school he desperately wanted to fit in, but it wasn’t easy. Jim recalls being singled out as different. Kids would …

Random Acts of Kindness: 68 Random Acts of Kindness that Will Make You an Everyday Hero

Written by Brad Aronson

How great is it that our small acts of kindness can make someone else’s entire day?

Here are 68 good deeds and random acts of kindness that can help you feel amazing.

Some of these are new ideas that I haven’t seen online before. Others aren’t as original, but a reminder certainly never hurts.

The first suggestion below inspired this post. I know Amy, and after liking her Facebook page, I felt so happy that I wanted to find more easy ways to help others and to feel great. Here’s what I came up …