It All Started with an Extra Portion of Dinner

It All Started with an Extra Portion of Dinner

Rita Schiavone, founder of Aid for Friends, with her husband.

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“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa

Vince Schiavone recalls that, “Mom [Rita] used to make an extra portion of food every night. She’d put it in a tin container, and, the next day, give it to an elderly person who needed it. It was just part of our dinner routine.”

Rita Schiavone didn’t set out to fix the hunger problem. She set out to make a difference for a person at a time.

Rita’s work inspired her kids. All of her kids give back to the community.

Rita’s work also inspired her friends and her church. They joined Rita’s efforts to provide food to the elderly.

Over time other churches joined, and Rita’s movement grew into a nonprofit, Aid for Friends.

Rita set out to help one person, and if that was all she did, it would have been wonderful.

Yet, how amazing that what she began 40 years ago has grown so much. Today, Aid for Friends has 16,000 volunteers who provide 400,000 meals a year and over 100,000 visits a year to 2,200 elderly people who are hungry and alone.

Those are big numbers.

It all started with one meal.

A volunteer works in the Aid For Friends kitchen.

A volunteer works in the Aid For Friends kitchen.


Aid for Friends provides meals, companionship and other assistance to help seniors live in their homes and live fuller lives. They’re celebrating their 40-year anniversary. Happy Birthday!

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