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These stories are about inspirational people like…

Jack Andraka, who at 15-years-old, developed a Cancer diagnostic test 26,000 times better than existing tests put out by billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies.

Mark and Tori Baird who were retired when they created a job service for veterans that has helped thousands.

There’s also…

High schoolers Josh and D’Mani who fed thousands of homeless people.

And Nicholas Winton, who saved over 660 lives on the weekends (during the week he was a stockbroker).

The inspirational people in this section demonstrate that you’re not too old, too young or too broke to make a difference. You just need to get started.

If you want to suggest inspirational people for me to write about, please drop me a line.

These inspirational people prove that you’re not too old, too young, too broke to make a difference. You just need to start.

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